France For Around SGD 3,000

Four travelling together for about two-and-a-half weeks. Free and easy self-drive tour. At the time of writing, EUR 1 = SGD 2.

If only two are travelling together, this would cost about SGD 3,500 per person.


This landmark needs no introduction.

The usual response I get is “What? Is that possible? I thought Europe is very expensive.” Yes, Europe is generally more expensive than Singapore, but France is surprisingly cheaper than many Western European countries.

Romantic Paris. Jardin Du Luxembourg. 6e Arrondissement.

Four of us went on a 19-day trip to France in May 2005. We rented a car (Audi 1.9 TDI, diesel car) for 14 days, with three full days in Paris. The cost? About SGD 3,000 per person, inclusive of airfare. How is that possible?

The transport and the accommodation.

No, we did not eat plain bread for every meal, nor did we bring a luggage full of instant noodles. We stayed in a decent motel chain, bought breakfasts and lunches from supermarkets or patisseries (pastry shops), and had all dinners (and some lunches) out with full and delicious three-course meals.


We'll see some photos here, and the breakdown of the cost comes at the bottom of this page.

Gardens of Chateau Versailles.

The famous pyramid outside the Louvre.

The famous smile.

A village near Colmar.

Notre Dame Du Haut by Le Corbusier, Ronchamp.

Moo! On the way from Ronchamp to Besancon.

On the way to Mont Blanc.

From Mont Blanc to Annecy.

Les gorges du Fiers.

From Gap to Avignon on the D94.

Pont du Gard.


Real wine cellar at Beaune. AOC Savigny-Les-Beaune.

Breakdown of Cost

Nice huh? How can we see so much for only SGD 3,000?

Let's work it out.

Food on Qatar Airways. Food is great, but Doha airport isn't.

The total cost is: SGD 2599.05, which gives you SGD 400.95 for breakfasts, lunches, admission to other famous landmarks, and metro / trains within Paris.

So you can see that spending around SGD 3,000 per person is entirely possible for a two-and-a-half week trip to France. Going to France isn’t that expensive after all!

If this is beyond your budget, consider Paris in a week for SGD 2,000 per person.

I have written a guide on planning your own free and easy self-drive holiday to France, an article on why I do not like Tour Packages, and an article on buying cheap train tickets in France.

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