Paris For Around SGD 2,000

Two travelling together for one week (seven nights). Free and easy, transportation by Paris metro and trains. At the time of writing, EUR 1 = SGD 2.


If you have less time and / or a tighter budget, consider going to Paris for seven days. Notice that I am not going to make it sound nicer as what you always see in those tour packages. If you study them carefully, typically an eight-day tour package to Europe involves only six nights accommodation.

Here we are talking about seven nights, which means at least six full days in Paris, or eight days as per tour-package advertising. The math is simple.

The total cost is: SGD 1644.40, which gives you SGD 355.60 for breakfasts, lunches, admission to other famous landmarks, and trains within Paris (you need to take a train to get to Versailles).

So you can see that spending around SGD 2,000 per person is entirely possible for a one-week trip to Paris. Quite affordable!

If you have more time and a higher budget, consider France for SGD 3,000 per person.

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To see the real Paris, see Mireille Guiliano's Paris Pleasures.

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Last updated: Wednesday 11 November 2009, 22:58:41 hrs